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SP Invitational 2015



Congratulations SP TEAM 1 for winning champion!

Congratulations SP TEAM 1 for winning champion!

Congratulations SIM 4 for winning 2nd place!

Congratulations SIM 4 for winning 2nd place!

Congratulations RP1 for winning 3rd place!

Congratulations RP1 for winning 3rd place!

SP Invitational finalresults

SP Invitational final results

SP 9 Ball Invitational 2015 Knockout Fixtures

Sp fixtures

This will be fixtures for the Knockout stages.

SP 9 Ball Invitational Draw 2015

Sp draw

This will be the draw for the upcoming SP Invitational 9-ball. Pls report at 830 am on your respective dates and the games will commence at 9am. The attire will be long pants and covered shoes, those with improper attire will not be allowed to play. The qualifiers will be a race to 2 and the knockout stages will be a race to 3 and it will be played on the day itself. Thank you for joining and all the best for your upcoming games.

SP-NP Friendly


Thank you all for coming down to SP for the friendly today! Hope to have more to come in the future!

SP 9-Ball Invitational 2015

sp inviposter new

Rules and Regulations


  1. The tournament is open to all Full-Time University, Polytechnic, ITE, Junior College and Secondary School Students who are still studying in their respective schools, with Valid Student Admin Card.
  2. Participants should be in a minimum 5 players per team in order to participate.
    (Players in the same team must be from the same school)
  3. A maximum number of 7 players (2 reserves) may be registered for a team (including team captain).
  4. No changes to players or transfers of players are allowed once tournament commence.
  5. Team captains are to submit their entries on official registration forms to SP Pool & Foosball Club along with a non-refundable entry fee of $50.00 (Singapore Dollars) per team.
  1. To submit the registration form during 20th Nov 2015 to 15th Dec 2015 at Singapore Polytechnic,Shoot @ Moberly.**
  2. For more queries, do look out our blog at http://sppool.cca.sg or our Facebook page of SingPoly Pool.

Tournament Venue

  1. The tournament will be conducted at: Shoot @ Moberly, Singapore Polytechnic, 500

Dover Road, Singapore 139651


  1. The schedule for the tournament is as follows:
  • • Closing date for registration: 15th Dec 2015

• Draw for grouping for Round Robin: 18th Dec 2015

• Commencement of Tournament: 21th Dec 2015*

Starting from 21th Dec 2015, participants may refer to the SP Pool & Foosball Club’s Blog at

http://sppool.cca.sg or SingPoly Pool Facebook Page for the match fixtures.

  1. Singapore Polytechnic or SP Pool & Foosball Club will not entertain any enquiries via phone from participants who wish to check the fixtures. No reminders shall be served regarding the fixtures.
  2. It is the responsibility of the team captains to check the tournament fixtures and to inform team members, and to ensure that team members abide by the rules and regulations set out here at all times.

**With regards to the registration, please contact either Shibao(Treasurer) at 96660403  or Nicholas(Asst Events) at 85338558 before coming down to register and make payment so that they can make sure that there will be people collect the forms.


Game Rules

  1. The tournament will be played under the latest Standardized Rules of the World Pool- Billiard Association (WPA).
  1. Ladies will be given last ball handicap.

Second last ball cannot be combi.

14. No golden breaks and one ball on spot.

Racking by 1,9,2. 3 balls head string rule is also needed.


  1. The tournament will be played in 2 Stages as follows:

            (All games will be played in 9 ball format)

Stage 1: Round Robin (Qualifying) (21th – 24th Dec 2015)*

• 2 groups of 4 teams will play on each day. Starts at 10am.

• Race to 2 for 5 players (Singles).

• Top 2 teams from each group will qualify and proceed to the knock-out stage.

• Break to be decided by lagging, alternate break.

May be subjected to changes according to amount of teams.

Stage 2 : Knock-Out ( Quarter / Semi / Final ) (26st Dec 2015)*

• Race to 3 for last 16 and from quarter finals onward it will be Race to 4, semi will be race to 5 and finals will be race to 6.

• Team that wins 3 matches first will be considered the winning team.

• Break to be decided by lagging, alternate break.

27 December will be reserve to continue for 26st December if there will be any delay.

Dress Code

  1. Players are required to wear long pants with covered shoes ( strictly no slippers / shorts / singlets ). Improper attired participants will not be allowed to play and the rack will be considered to be conceded if the team have only 5 players.

Tournament Procedures

  1. No delays or postponement of matches will be allowed unless deemed necessary by the Tournament Organizing Committee.
  1. Team captains must report to the Tournament Director upon arrival with all players playing on that day (complete playing team) and identity cards to be presented for verification. Match table will be assigned after verification is done.
  1. Once the line-up is submitted for the match no amendments are to be made. Upon calling the players, 5 minutes are given to the player that is late for that particular match. After 5 minutes, the tournament official will record a walkover and award the match to the opponent. The clock at the Shoot @ Moberly shall serve as the official tournament clock.
  2. Players are not allowed to smoke in the tournament venue or in the surrounding vicinity. Cigarettes or lighters, if any, must be kept out of sight.
  1. Participants and supporters are required to switch their mobile phones to silent mode and not allowed to use their mobile phones in the tournament venue in order not to distract the players.
  1. No food is allowed in competition area.*Dates may be subjected to change without prior notice, it is on the onus of the captain to check their match dates.

SP-RP Friendly

Thanks for all that participated for our friendly match at SP & RP! Hope that there will be more to come and good luck for the upcoming competition

Teen Sportz 2015







Congratulate SP Teams for qualifying. Everyone did their best and fought well. Jiayou and train hard for future tournaments!

SIM 8-Ball


Congratulation to TEAM SP 1 for going into semi final.

W.A.D Games



Congratulation to TEAM SP 1 for obtaining 1st Runner-Up, TEAM SP 3 going into the semi final in the loser’s bracket and TEAM SP 4 going into the quarter final in the winner’s bracket. Good job to all TEAM SP in participating in WAD Game. We will come back stronger in Teenz Games and other competitions but study for EST.

Year 1s and 2s who will be joining the team selection, please remember your selection dates and keep it free. Study hard, Train hard and Play hard!

Belated Celebration & NUS 10 Ball

Happy Belated Birthday to Coach Ricky Chew

Great job to the NUS 10 Ball players for getting semi finalist for both SP team 1 and team 2. Everyone put a lot of effort into practicing for this tournament and their efforts paid off. We will come back stronger next year!