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SP 8-Ball OPEN 2015

SP OPEN 2015

Registration Date:
23th February to 12th March 2015

All interested participants please contact any of the organizers (Listed Below) to register.

All matches will race to 4. Semi-finals and finals will race to 5.

Double-Elimination Format.

Ladies will be given one rack handicap.

Registration payments to be made at SHOOT@MOBERLY (TABLE 5).

Or Contact Shibao (9666 0403) for payment enquiries.

Drawing of lots will be on 13th March.

For more information, please visit http://sppool.cca.sg/,

or contact

Event Organizers

Mark (9068 0367) Or Nicholas (8533 8558).


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Thanks to all those that came down for the friendly match! Hope that there will be more to come.


Congratulations to ALL WINNERS and thank you  for taking part in SP Invitationals 2014!


Trophies, Medals & Cash Prizes

Top 3 Winners

Champion: SIM 1

2nd Place: CC 1

3rd Place: SP 1

4th Place: 2nd Chance

Team SP

More photos can be found on our facebook page @ SingPoly Pool

SP 9-Ball Invitational




1. The tournament is open to all Full-Time University, Polytechnic, ITE, Junior College and Secondary School Students who are still studying in their respective schools, with Valid Student Admin Card.
2. Participants should be in a minimum 5 players per team in order to participate.
(Players in the same team must be from the same school)

3. A maximum number of 7 players (2 reserves) may be registered for a team (including team captain).

4. No changes to players or transfers of players are allowed once tournament commence.

5. Team captains are to submit their entries on official registration forms to SP Pool &

Foosball Club along with a non-refundable entry fee of $50.00 (Singapore Dollars) per

6. To submit the registration form during 17th  Novto 18th Dec at Singapore Polytechnic,Shoot @ Moberly.**
7. For more queries, do look out our blog at http://sppool.cca.sg or our Facebook page of SingPoly Pool.

Tournament Venue

8. The tournament will be conducted at: Shoot @ Moberly, Singapore Polytechnic, 500

Dover Road, Singapore 139651


9. The schedule for the tournament is as follows:

  • • Closing date for registration: 18th Dec 2014

• Draw for grouping for Round Robin: 19th Dec 2014

• Commencement of Tournament: 22th Dec 2013*

Participants may refer to the SP Pool & Foosball Club’s Blog at

http://sppool.cca.sg or SingPoly Pool Facebook Page for the match fixtures.
10. Singapore Polytechnic or SP Pool & Foosball Club will not entertain any enquiries via phone from participants who wish to check the fixtures. No reminders shall be served regarding the fixtures.
11. It is the responsibility of the team captains to check the tournament fixtures and to inform team members, and to ensure that team members abide by the rules and regulations set out here at all times.


**With regards to the registration, please contact either Peiyi (Treasurer) @ 91370618 or Qiyang (Events) @ 93277457 before coming down to register and make payment so that they can make sure that there will be people collect the forms.


Game Rules
12. The tournament will be played under the latest Standardized Rules of the World Pool-

Billiard Association (WPA).

13. Ladies will be given last ball handicap.

14. No golden breaks and one ball on spot.


15. The tournament will be played in 2 Stages as follows:

            (All games will be played in 9 ball format)

Stage 1: Round Robin (Qualifying) (22th – 23th
 , 26th – 27th Dec)*

• 2 groups of 4 teams will play on each day. Starts at 10am.

• Race to 2 for 5 players (Singles).

• Top 2 teams from each group will qualify and proceed to the knock-out stage.

• Break to be decided by lagging, alternate break.

May be subjected to changes according to amount of teams.

Stage 2 : Knock-Out ( Quarter / Semi / Final ) (30st Dec)*

• Race to 2 for last 16 and from quarter finals onwards it will be Race to 3.

• Team that wins 3 matches first will be considered the winning team

• Break to be decided by lagging, alternate break.

Dress Code
16. Players are required to wear long pants with covered shoes ( strictly no slippers / shorts / singlets ). Improper attired participants will not be allowed to play and the rack will be considered to be conceded if the team have only 5 players.

Tournament Procedures

17. No delays or postponement of matches will be allowed unless deemed necessary by the

Tournament Organizing Committee.
18. Team captains must report to the Tournament Director upon arrival with all players

playing on that day (complete playing team) and identity cards to be presented for

verification. Match table will be assigned after verification is done.
19. Once the line-up is submitted for the match no amendments are to be made. Upon calling the players, 5 minutes are given to the player that is late for that particular match. After 5 minutes, the tournament official will record a walkover and award the match to the opponent. The clock at the Shoot @ Moberly shall serve as the official tournament clock.
20. Players are not allowed to smoke in the tournament venue or in the surrounding vicinity.

Cigarettes or lighters, if any, must be kept out of sight.
21. Participants and supporters are required to switch their mobile phones to silent mode

and not allowed to use their mobile phones in the tournament venue in order not to

distract the players.
22. No food is allowed in competition area.

*Dates may be subjected to change without prior notice, it is on the onus of the captain to check their match dates.

W.A.D GAMES 2014


SP TEAM 1 came in 3rd place!!IMG_1638

Teens Game 2014

Teens Game 2014
Achievements from the club!
Winning 1st and 2nd and also got the semi finalist by our ALUMNI TEAM





Draw for Team Selection

Please arrive at 10 sharp on the date you are supposed to come down for your selection. Attire jeans and covered shoes. 8-ball race to 3 round robin. Ladies 1 rack handicap. Those that have seen the draw please spread the message to the others so everyone will come down for the selection.
All the best.

Year 1 girls (27th Sep)

Year 2 Group 1 (28th Sep)
Cheng Yi
Bang Song

Year 2 Group 2 (28th Sep)
Pei Yi
Jun xiang
Jia Ming
Benjamin leong

Year 1 guys Group 1 (4th Oct)
Alvin teo
Jonathan low
Chen Ann
Alex saw
Lim xu jie
Eugene low

Year 1 guys Group 2 (5th Oct)
Koh deng shyang
Shi bao
Chua Feng Qing
Matthew low
Heng Yiren

Year 1 guys Group 3 (11th Oct)
Nicholas koa
Sebastian low
Teo jun peng
Khai tjin
Clarence foo

Year 1 guys Group 4 (12th Oct)
Huang Wei Hao
Phey Zheng yang
Zhi Wei
Zhuang yuan
Yi fei

Groupings for SP Pool Club FOC 2014


1 benjamin ang jing kang
2 Shanice Pek Jiaying
3 Sia Chen Ren
4 Lim Zhi Xian
5 Tay Wei Hua Caleb
6 Ethan Chan
7 Phey Zheng Yang
8 Terry Chan
9 Su Enhui Mabel
10 Goh Yi Feng

1 lin xujie
2 Thanawat Chaikiatitham
3 Ang Yang Jun Alvyn
4 Seck Zhong Yi Adrian
5 Heng Bang Song
6 peh zhi wei
7 elizabeth foo wei zhi
8 Neo Ya Jing
9 Ignatius Hendrawan
10 Eugene Loo\


Wong Jun Fai
2 Jonathan Low
3 Adriel Soo
4 Doris Ang
5 Hong Shibao
6 benjamin leong shi kang
7 Wilson Jordan Foo Wei Xin
8 Eong Ke Ying
9 Teo Zi Ning
10 Martin

1 Ng Jia Ming
2 Saw Yan Naung
3 Kua Jia Yan
4 Goh Wei Jie Andre
5 Chow Chen Ann
6 Pang Kang Kwan
7 Winston Katugaha
8 Mabel Tan
9 Muhammed Asyraf
10 Kah Chong

1 Ricxon Lim Jie Sheng
2 Alvin Teo
3 Tan Ee Khai
4 Clarence Foo
5 Ryan Ong
6 Keith Cheang
7 chua hwong sheng
8 liow chan sing
9 benedict wong jun shuan
10 Bryan Chow

1 Hng Yi Ren
2 Chua Feng Qing
3 Hong Zhen Xian
4 Jolyn yeong jia lin
5 Quek Yi Hui
6 Desmond Goh
7 Surapunt Ho Hung Kuang
8 foo yong jian
9 Phang Yi Fei
10 Gian Salonga

1 Huang WeiHao
2 Matthew Low
3 Teo Jun Peng
4 koh deng shyang
5 Alene lim xin ying
6 Mark Vernon
7 Victoria Law
8 xavier foo chuan de
9 Bai Junxiang
10 Mao Yue

1 chong khai tjin
2 Shazry
3 Ang Kai Jie Andy
4 Woo zhuang Yuan
5 glenna lee jia min
6 pamela lim
7 Choong Tze Yang
8 Nicholas Koa
9 Gable Lim
10 Wong Jea Jun


Freshman Orientation Camp 2014

Packing List:
 2 sets of clothes (Shirts, shorts, pants, undergarments, socks)
*Preferably sportswear
 1 dark colored shirt
 Old pair of shoes/Sports shoe
 Slippers
 Toiletries (Towel, body foam, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste)
 Water bottle
 Poncho
 Sleeping bag
 Insect Repellent
 Personal Medication (If any)
 Torchlight
 Jacket (Optional)
 Ezlink card (we will be traveling from school to the campsite by public transport)
You are strongly encouraged NOT to bring:
1. Unnecessary electronic devices
2. Large amount of cash
3. Cigarettes
*Please note that all items listed are mandatory to bring unless stated otherwise
*Please also note that we will not be responsible for your valuables if they are misplaced or lost

For enquires, please approach any of the committee member or your group leader.

SP Open Tournament Draw Results

Dear all,  the draw is finally up! Have a good rest and be refreshed for tomorrow’s match!

SP Open 8-BALL 2014 Fixtures (Re-drawn)

17 March – 19 March 2014

All Players, please check your date and time of the matches.

Red text indicates Day 1 (17 March)

Blue text indicates Day 2 (18 March)

Purple text indicates Day 3 (19 March)

Things to take note:
1) All players please report 30 MINUTES before match time for registration

2) Attire: T-shirt/shirt with jeans/long pants with covered shoes (Penalty will be imposed for inappropriate attire)

3) Penalty will be imposed for late comers: 5 minutes (1 rack), 10 minutes (2 racks) & 15 minutes will be considered as a walkover (w/o)

4) All ladies will be given 1 rack handicap

5) All players, please take note of WPA 8 ball rules and regulations throughout the entire tournament.
Link: http://www.wpa-pool.com/web/index.asp?id=114&pagetype=rules

P.S SP Pool Club apologize for any inconvenience prior to the event, we seek for your kind understanding and all the best for the tournament.